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  Garrison's Health Foundation  

"Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets To Permanent Weight-Loss, Increased Energy, Vibrant Health, and Total Wellness?"

   Our program in Nutritional Education will be your onramp to improved health and performance. With our unique Cellular Health Order Protocol (CHOP) you'll see that your body's most vital needs will be met on a daily basis.

   With all the correct training and all of these great products you'll be able to feel great for a lifetime!

Educational Self-Assessment Guide 

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The LT nutrition & health training will teach you about the best ways to improve your energy and vitality. The Free fitness & health assessment is a great way to find out how you can improve your daily habits so you can greatly increase your personal health!

Steps To Success

1. Inspirin & Frequen Sea - Alkaline Phyto Plankton cellular nourishment.

2. Raw whole foods direct from nature. (Forevergreen).

3. Kangen Alkaline H2O,
hydration of the body.
 4.Protein from a natural & chemical free animal source.  
5. Supplement all of the above with Pulse 8 & Chi-Probiotics for digestion.

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"Finally. Turn on the Body's FAT Burning Metabolism Now!"

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FREE COACHING PROGRAM to help people like you to finally "GET IT" with nutrition, exercise, health, and fitness.

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